Weekday Morning Ride

Over the months of cycling I came to appreciate the early morning ride before the work day starts. It is a quiet time with very little runners and cyclists on the track to break your rhythm  Also, the air is brisk and feels much fresher. And you get to see a very nice sunrise

Skopje Sunrise on the Cycling Track by Spirovski Bozidar

My morning route is quite simple, around 24 kilometers on the flat cycling track by the river. My SportyPal says that I am burning some 700 calories on this ride. You can view my daily track here. I start the ride at 05:45 and finish it at around 06:40 (varies a few minutes).

The daily ride is a great time to do small challenges, like ride as long as you can in higher gear while pushing the same cadence, or trying several sprint intervals, or simply trying to see whether you can ride the same distance in less time.

This daily morning workout will wake you up and prepare you for the day ahead. Also, your weekend ride and your uphill cycling will benefit from the daily workouts through increased stamina, so you can go farther or faster. Finally, you have burned a nice chunk of calories, and you can support your weight control with a light diet!

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  1. A weekday morning ride is an invigorating start to the day. Best Games Explore The crisp air, quiet roads, and golden sunrise offer a tranquil escape from daily hustle.