Weekend morning tour 24 Aug 2013

My Saturday exercise for this weekend was a relatively simple ride: 5.6 kilometers uphill, some rolling hills riding and then a downhill draft. After that, a flat road cycling with a small amount of rolling hill riding. Total distance of 46.5 kilometers. Since i rode within the city, it came down to two fairly large circles around the city.
Cycling Route Around Skopje 24.08.2013
It was a very nice morning ride, the weather was perfect for the uphill ride. The downhill part was uncomfortable due to the huge number of potholes in the road, which couldn't be evaded. The flat road part on the cycling track was nice, not too many people on the track. The part which I rode on the streets was not too comfortable. The main issue are scooters, which are not that faster than the bike, but are quick to overtake the cyclist and then stop, or to cut over the path of the bike. Pain started setting in around the 40th kilometer, which made me ride in a lower gear.

Probably there is room for improvement, my next target is even 50 kilometers.

You can view the workout details here

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