A Crash in a Beautiful Morning

This morning ride was a sheer perfection of weather, which I managed to make unpleasant at my own fault.
It was a slower ride (19 km/h) in nicely chilly predawn. The cycling track was quiet and the seemingly burning clouds in the sunrise were a real treat.

Dawn on the track by Spirovski Bozidar
We did a 16 kilometer ride, which turned painful at the 13th kilometer, when my phone rang.

I pulled the phone out of the jersey pocket and pressed on the brake to slow down. I flew over the front wheel and crashed with the bike on top of me. Luckily, i got through with just a big bruise on my leg. I landed on my hands but the gloves saved me from scraped palms.

After a quick check that nothing is displaced or broken and a finished phone call, the rest of the ride was nice, although with a hurt ego.

This is my first painful crash on this bike, and this is what I have learned:

  1. Dont talk on the phone while cycling - stop and take the call, it's much less painful
  2. Never brake only with your front brake - especially not when you are not optimally balanced and with two hands on the handlebars
  3. Wear cycling gloves - they help with scrapes on the palms
  4. Headgear is a must - crashes happen when you are cocky, and can be quite nasty even on slower flat rides
I don't use clipless pedals, so my legs cleared the bike cleanly. I keep thinking whether having my feet locked into the pedals would have stabilized me and prevented a crash or simply caused more injuries as the bike flipped over me.

What are your experiences with crashes? Tell us in the comments!
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