Are you a WILL or AM person?

As I started losing weight, people at my place of work started the usual round of questions, how did you do it, how much do you exercise, what's your diet etc... I'm sure that you've all asked those questions at some point.

After the usual round of Q&A where I briefly describe my cycling regimen and my diet, the conversation gets around to the series of back stories by those who started the questions about my diet. And those stories always go something like this:
Plates of food
by Janine from Mililani,Hawaii
"You know, when I was (insert age here), i did something similar, and got to a perfect weight of (insert number here). It's a great thing that you are doing it right now, and I agree, I should start doing it... In fact, I'll start something next week, so we'll probably pass each other on the track..."

I respect other people's choices about their diet and have no issue whether they keep fit or not because of personal choice or health issues. But the constantly repeated mantra of 'I'll start my diet/exercise/quit smoking... next week' has been a topic of jokes for decades. People, you don't need to say it, you need to do it!

Central Park Jogging by
Patrick Gruban from Munich, Germany 
Talking about how many dress sizes your colleague has dropped will NOT make you fitter or slimmer if you don't start and keep it up YOURSELF!

So if your health condition doesn't prevent it, start a light exercise regimen! It really takes very little to feel better, just don't give up.

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