Riding the Skopje Critical Mass #17

Yesterday around 200 riders participated in the Critical Mass #17 in Skopje, Macedonia. We started from the Park of the Lakes in the municipality of Aerodrom, and did a route of around 12 kilometers.

Skopje Critical Mass #17 gathering by Spirovski Bozidar

 The participants were a very colorful group, and Critical Mass was joined by whole families (parents and children), uni-cyclists, skateboarders and even a dog!

Skopje Critical Mass #17 preparing to go by Spirovski Bozidar
The pace was slow, and the group was generally greeted with smiles and cheering from pedestrians and people in buses  and some honking from cars. There were no incidents, apart from a single BMW trying to pass the Critical Mass by driving on the sidewalk, with poor results since it was stopped by the pedestrian onlookers.

Skopje Critical Mass #17 On the Road
by Spirovski Bozidar
It is my first ride in a Critical Mass. It is a very positive experience, with everyone in good spirits and supporting each other. The organizers were great, with very efficient management of motor vehicle traffic to keep the group safe as well as good control of the group to keep within the rightmost lane and not occupy the entire road.

Looking forward to another Critical Mass in Skopje

Support the effort in the comments, and visit the site of Critical Mass

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  1. Sounds like a great event, one I would've enjoyed myself.

  2. There is so much positive energy in the event, and you depart with a really good feeling. If your city doesn't have a Critical Mass event, I really recommend one.

  3. Riding a bike is just thing that keeps my head free from negative thoughts and troubles. I wish I could ride more often these days and participate in such events as well.

  4. Riding Skopje Critical Mass is a powerful statement for sustainable urban living. Best Games Explore The collective energy, cyclists taking over the streets, signifies a shared vision for a greener, more accessible city.