Weekend Morning Tour 14 Sept 2013 - Cold 50km

For the previous weekend, I decided to change my route. I wanted a more challenging route, so I took up a route towards the Kozjak Lake, which is approximately 38 kilometers from my house (following the road). I didn't reach the lake since i did a time limit on the route - 1.5 hours out, 1 hour back.

On the road to Kozjak Lake by Spirovski Bozidar
I started the route at 6 AM, and the weather was quite cold. Usually, this is not a problem, since you warm up during the ride and temperature increases as the sun rises. What I forgot was that I am cycling into the mountains, so the temperature was always lower than comfortable. I ended up cycling slower whenever I was in the sun so I can warm up, and was cycling faster when I was in the shade.

View to Mountains Golesnica and Dautica
by Spirovski Bozidar
The route is a constant albeit low gradient climb through the hills near Skopje, with the last stretch of the route a hard 1km hill to a very nice viewpoint. In the end, I did a route of slightly more than 50 kilometers. Apart from the cold and the difficult final climb, it was a fantastic morning ride.

Sunrise on the road to Kozjak Lake
by Spirovski Bozidar
My next goal is 60 kilometers, although the autumn conditions may prevent me from having a lot more cycling weekends

You can view the route and the details of the ride here

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