An autumn week for catching up on cycling

This week was riddled with bad weather and a lot of family activities. Sadly, the sun rises after 6:30, so I had to cancel my daily morning ride since it's too dark to ride. I did manage a to push 2 weekday rides, and I pushed myself as much as I could.

On both rides the main issue is the blocked path at the city square, where some construction company suddenly decided that the bicycle path was inherited from someone's granddad and boarded it up. The cyclists have less and less conditions to ride through the center of the city, and the bicycle path is utterly destroyed by construction projects that have no end in sight (i'll do a gallery one of these days)

The first ride was 16 kilometers, in beautiful calm conditions, so I managed a good 25 km/h average speed.

The second ride was 24 kilometers, ridden in windy conditions, and included a lot of leg cramping when I pushed to maintain cadence through the wind.

Missing the morning rides definitely shows in terms of physical fitness. In the middle of summer I could achieve an average speed of 27 km/h on the 24 kilometer route, this time I managed 23.8 km/h. Sadly not that many opportunities for cycling during the winter period.
How do you manage to maintain cycling during the winter? Tell us in the comments!
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