Riding the Skopje Critical Mass #18

Yesterday around 250 riders participated in the Critical Mass #18 in Skopje, Macedonia. We started from the parking lot in front of the "Boris Trajkovski" Pool, and did a route of around 10 kilometers. 
Start of Critical Mass #18 
This Critical Mass was more challenging, since it was a night ride and it traversed streets with only one lane in each direction and significant traffic. We had two incidents of impatient drivers who were determined to overtake the group and pushed into the bikes to avoid incoming traffic.
Critical Mass #18 - On the road
Critical Mass #18 - On the road
Again, it was a very colorful group, including some very funky looking bikes (I saw at least one recumbent bike and several very retro designs). The ride ended in front of the Youth Cultural Centre. Appologies for the poor quality of the last photo, but the approach to the Youth Cultural Centre is pitch black.

Critical Mass #18 - Finish
Looking forward to another Critical Mass in Skopje

P.S.: After the finish of the Critical Mass #18, some riders secured their bikes to the wheelchair ramp of the Youth Cultural Centre, and completely disregarded the objections of other riders that we need to respect the rights of people with disabilities. For a group that promotes the rights of cyclists, some of us are very ignorant to the rights of those less fortunate. I hope that people with disabilities won't have to make their own Critical Mass to demand their rights from cyclists

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