The First Ride of 2014

Today I seized the chance to do my first ride of the year. I needed to do some quick shopping, and I took my bike for the first ride of the year.
1st January 2014 Skopje City Park
by Spirovski Bozhidar

1st of January was an overcast and moderately cold day in Skopje, just great for a quick spin on the bike.

I was wondering how much my fitness level has reduced (I haven't been riding for a month). It was an effort to be to spin the pedals in the usual gear, which meant that my fitness level has plummeted, but I pushed on as hard as possible. What I didn't notice until about a kilometer into the ride was that I was cycling on the largest ring, which I use after I warm up for a couple of kilometers.

. I pressed on and did 17 kilometers on flat road, although I didn't track the ride through Strava. On th track, i saw quite a lot of people were doing their fitness routine on the first day of the year.Kudos to all of them for keeping it up!

Sadly, I couldn't join the cycling event to the summit of Vodno. I hope all that went had a great time

So things aren't as bad as I feared. I'll have some muscle sores tomorrow, but it was worth it :)
What was your first ride of the year? Tell us in the comments
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