First uphill of the year - Events come in threes!

This morning I did the first climb to Vodno mountain of the season. I hadn't been up there for the past 3 months, and the mountain is being destroyed in the meantime. Heavy trucks are rolling up the road, and there is a new road being cut into the mountain. I also found a lot of dead trees. I didn't take any photos, but I'll make sure to take some ASAP.

The ride was nice, with a great weather, although my fitness level wasn't up to par. The last 500 meters of climb were difficult, and I only rode half way up the mountain.

And things weren't improving at the end of the climb - I got sick when I stopped to drink some water. My golden rule is not to eat anything before cycling, otherwise I get sick. I ignored this rule, and it came back to bite me in the a*s.

Sadly, the problems on this ride weren't finished. After 5 more kilometers, I got a flat, and had to fix it or walk for 10 kilometers down the mountain and back home. I decided to fix the flat, and pushed on.

But bad things come in threes: just as I started downhill, a large dog started chasing me, and was quite persistent. I was on a downhill road full of bends, so couldn't accelerate to outrun it, nor could stop to scare it. Luckily, the dog gave up at the end of the village of Gorno Nerezi.

After that, it was a nice ride, totalling 39 kilometers and more than 1500 calories. A good and eventful ride.

You can review my track on Strava below

Did you have any eventful rides lately
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