So the training starts...

As I already announced, I plan to do a double century on the 6th and 7th of September 2014. It's a huge effort, and yesterday I had a glimpse of how difficult the task is - I went out for a ride and joined up with a much more experienced rider.

We rode a route that I hadn't ridden before, which was a 25km flat ending with a 11km uphill, with the first 4km a hard climb. While my flat ride wasn't too shabby, I suffered an epic fail on the uphill. I managed to climb around 2km before stopping puffing and panting on the hard climb.

Just goes to show how much training i need to do before being prepared for a long ride.
The 200 km + 200 km ride is still on, but with a lot of training in between.

I am going to post my daily weight and my daily training results on the blog, with all the experiences of the training effort, as a log for anyone trying to do the same ride.

Hope everything goes well, I'm not giving up. Just a reminder, a  motivational image:

Have you trained for such an effort? Tell us in the comments!
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