10 Priceless moments of training

During the 3 years of training, these are the most priceless moments that would have been lost without training

10. The look of the delivery guy at 5 AM when he sees you putting on ‪‎cycling‬ shoes while he unloads produce for the local shop

9. Finding extra energy to run fast the last 500 meters to the finish after running for 15 kilometers

A perfect morning sky

8. Being overtaken by runners on the track and greeted loud and strong while you are panting and gasping for extra oxygen

7. Six months later - overtaking the same runners and returning the loud greeting 

6. Cycling with clipless pedals for the first time and constantly repeating to yourself: "Don't forget to unclip!"

5. One month later - coming to a dead stop on your bike and noticing that you forgot to unclip just before you slam on the ground

4. Using only the front brake on your bike, and all the consequences of that poor poor decision

3. Driving up a random uphill road and thinking in which gear you could do the same road on a bicycle

2. Being able to ride a 160 kilometers or run 21 kilometers as a matter of fact, no special fuss about it

1. The perfect peace and quiet around you when you are training outside of the city early in the morning

What is your priceless moment of training? Tell us in the comments!
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