Checklist: Prepare yourself, spring is coming

Good weather is coming, and it's time to get back on the bike:
  1. Check, clean and lube - Remove 3 months of grime and dust from the bike, clean and lube everything. Check tubes, brakes and cables.
  2. Lights - If riding early in the morning , check that the front  and back lights are working so you'll survive the twilight in the morning without crashing
  3. Warm gear - It is still very cold in the morning, so be ready. Think layers, but be weary of overheating.
  4. Wait for the bugs to pass - Most people had a bit of the flu this winter. Get well, then get on the bike.
  5. Don't overdo it - Remember that you've been a couch potato and probably had a bit of the flu. You are not in top condition, don't try to ride a century 
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