The Weekly Snot #1

Snot - anyone doing endurance sports in the cold is very familiar with the annoyance of 'runny nose', and the great feeling of extra oxygen when you clear yout nose

The Weekly Snot - a weekly summary of annoyances and good things in my fitness routine.

Rest time: It has been a terrible week for fitness - It started with a fever, than continued with foot pain so I had to rest. To add insult to injury, the weather outside was glorious, so everyone else was out and about. As a friend once said, I want to ride so bad i'm going to scream! 
Photo by Carriec via Wikimedia commons

Well used time: The FitCitizen website went up, with a lot of quirks still there but things are going to improve. Running this site feels exactly like learning to use clipless pedals: 
  1. You hide and try clipping without anyone seeing you for fear of failing. 
  2. You slip so many times
  3. Your bike wobbles all over the place while you try to clip in your other foot
  4. You realize how fast you can now ride once you manage to clip in and gain speed
We'll see whether I'll forget to unclip and fall at some point :)

Food transgressions Being at home and unable to be active means that you get the munchies all the time - so there was a lot of exploration through the fridge, and considering the sweets laying around the house.
Here are this weeks' food transgressions: 
  • 1 packet of Oreos 
  • half a bar of chocolate
  • several late suppers without really being hungry.
Always good do keep tabs on extra food

What is next: Doing a short ride, checking my bike as soon as my cold lets up. Running as soon as my foot recovers. So many other things to do. #NeverGiveUp

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