4 Things just as important as fitness

You started your fitness effort, and achieved some good results. Now you believe in yourself and you can do more distance, more speed, more resistance!

Once you become hooked to the fitness "high" you want to do more training. You start pouring more time into training, doing extra miles, extra repetitions, extra weekend hours. And since you can't carve that time  from work, you'll take it from your private time.

That way you'll miss out on other very important things:
Taking a nap - by Stephan Brunet
Macphreak via Wikimedia Commons

  • A good night sleep - getting up earlier or training late at night eats at your sleep time. You can go on with less sleep, but don't push it - not enough sleep has very bad effects on your health. In the end, you'll feel worse than if you miss some training and sleep longer.
  • Meet your friends - don't forget to keep in touch with your friends. Have a beer with your mates, or meet up with family friends on the weekend. A great chat, some jokes, a friendly card game is just as great as fitness.
  • Train your brain - Watch a good movie or a documentary, and definitely read a good book. Maybe even try a new foreign language. Being physically fit is only part of you fitness - your mind must be kept in great shape.
  • Sven Erikson reading a book
    - own work via Wikimedia Commons
  • Spend time with your loved ones - never miss an opportunity to spend time with your children and your significant other. No amount of kilometres, repetitions and lost weight comes near to an afternoon in the park with your family. 
Family walk by  Hillebrand Steve via Wikimedia Commons
Similar to work, fitness is a balancing act. Always make time for the other important things in your life.

Are you missing out on something because of fitness? Tell us in the comments!

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