Fitness plans have failed - just RUN

Ever so often, your fitness routine gets broken by any number of reasons:

  • Your fitness slot gets taken up by some urgent activity
  • You have extra chores from home, or stuff to do at work
  • You have been out with friends deep into the night, and you overslept
  • Enter your own favorite reason here...

Runner by Aarni Heiskanen, via Wikimedia Commons
Whenever you find yourself short on fitness time, the best way to get the most fitness for the amount of time is to go out running. You get a great cardio workout, and you burn a lot of fat. There is no lag time, no going to the gym, prep or anythin.

Put on good running shoes, a t-shirt and running pants, and start a fitness session from your front door.
No time for fitness - just run

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