Infographic - The three stages of an early morning fitness

Every morning, I pass through the same three stages of fitness.

Oh_God_Why_Do_I_Need_To_Get_Out_Of_Bed - It would be an understatement to say that waking up at 5AM and dragging yourself out of bed is difficult. You long for the extra hour of sleep, and just hate the effort that you are going to put your body through. I push myself out of bed by reminding myself that I'll hate myself for wasting a fitness session in the afternoon.

Can_I_Keep_Up_For_Another_30_Minutes_Of_Pain_And_Huge_Heart_Rate - Nearly every fitness session is a challenge, and you feel the pain of the previous sessions, the high heart rate and you calculate whether you have the strength for the extra 30 minutes of effort. Dealing with this requires a special kind of Zen moment, and each person finds different ways to achieve their Zen moment of effort.

That_Felt_Very_Good_Bring_The_Rest_Of_The_Day_On - The feeling of accomplishment, success and feeling great in general is difficult to describe. Going to work, you notice that you have a completely different bounce in your stride, and that you are much more positive for the day ahead.

It doesn't get easier, but you don't give up doing it! #NeverGiveUp
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  1. I love morning rides. Prepares me for the rest of the day.

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