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After long time of the same fitness routine, create a new challenge for yourself. And don't make it easy on yourself! I found my new challenge by combining running and cycling.

I am primarily a cyclist, and I don't really love running. It's difficult, painful there is no cutting corners like drafting or coasting to rest. But I'm not giving up!

Duathlon logo (not aero on my bike though :) ) 
My new monster to beat is duathlon. Last weekend I did my first duathlon training. I did 6 kilometres running, then 39 kilometres cycling and finished with another 6 kilometres running.

It turned out to be a very interesting challenge both physical and mental. Here are some of the challenges I faced


  • The effort changes, you can look forward to a change in pace
  • Plan your heart rate zones so your muscles are still fresh for the final run
  • Cope with different niggles and minor pains like toe blisters or cramped legs when you stretch in the saddle  
  • Plan your drinking and eating so you have a good amount of energy all through the effort


  • It's easier to push yourself to the end of each stage, but you must overcome the knowledge that you still have more stuff to do (run or cycle). 
  • Convince yourself that it's doable - people looked very funny at me for a whole week before the training. 
  • Hold back on people that run or cycle faster than you, because they are doing only one thing while you need to pace over three stages.
I psyched myself up for the training for an entire week. I also did a good core muscles training for a the week. Having prepared core muscles is a huge advantage on big efforts.

The actual training took longer than I expected, because I didn't plan for good logistics on changeovers - my bike wasn't prepared to just go. The whole effort took around 4 hours to complete. After my makeshift duathlon, there wasn't too much pain, but I really needed to take a nap :)

You can review the three stages of my duathlon training on Strava
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3

What is your latest fitness monster? Tell us in the comments!
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