Keeping fit - Do something you suck at

After the effort to start exercising, the months you were sore and the cycle of measuring weight, pulse and blood pressure, you've made it! You can fit in your high school clothes, and people say that you've never looked better.

It's time to set different goals and challenge yourself. That way you will continue your fitness and achieve something more. Setting and achieving challenges is perfect for long-term fitness.

Be simple in challenging yourself. Dump all the rules for motivation, positive enforcement, and that NLP crap people are pushing these days. There is only one challenge:

Do something you've sucked at!

There is no greater victory nor driver to doing something you've been bad at. Think of the physical activities that you hate, that you tried briefly and failed miserably or you never thought you could achieve. Push yourself to better at them

Here is my list of challenges from the past 3 years of fitness with the list. Here is the list of my previous challenges as a little help:
  • 2012 - ride a bike for 25 kilometers on flat road non stop
  • 2012 - ride a bike for 40 kilometers on flat road non stop
  • 2013 - ride a bike for 60 kilometers on flat road non stop
  • 2013 - do 50 push-ups daily before cycling
  • 2013 - ride 4 kilometers uphill without stopping
  • 2013 - ride for 70 kilometers on mostly flat road non stop
  • 2014 - ride for 140 kilometers in one day
  • 2014 - do a plank for 1 minute and 50 push-ups every day before cycling
  • 2014 - do intervals on flat road
  • 2014 - ride 10 kilometers uphill without stopping
  • 2014 - ride for 200 kilometers in one day
  • 2014 - ride solo for 160 kilometers in one day
  • 2014 - run for 5 kilometers
  • 2015 - run for 15 kilometers
  • 2015 - do intervals on flat road
Here are my current challenges - the things I still suck at
  • run a half-marathon
  • run a small duathlon (5km, 45km, 5km)
  • ride 15 kilometers uphill without stopping
  • do intervals (i never stop being bad at intervals)
What are your challenges? Do you think you can use any of my challenges? Tell us in the comments!
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