The Weekly Snot #2

Snot - anyone doing endurance sports in the cold is very familiar with the annoyance of 'runny nose', and the great feeling of extra oxygen when you clear yout nose

The Weekly Snot - a weekly summary of annoyances and good things in my fitness routine.

Training time and realising how unprepared I am: Getting back on the bike, and did two 30k trainings and a 86k long ride. It feels great to be back on the bike, but as every season, it's a slap in the face: I am SO SLOW at the start of the season. It is always disappointing to realise how unprepared and slow I am. Much more training to do, hopefully less rain to hamper me.
Sunrise on the bike, photo by Bozidar Spirovski

Half-Marahton Prep: Registered for a Half-Marathon, this week I plan on starting training again. More structured and slower build-up, combining with cycling. A completely new challenge, so new things to learn.

Idle time idling: The FitCitizen website is running, very quirky but pushing along. More content, more likes and more visitors this week. Still a lot of things on the blog not fixed. Aiming to go for 3-5 posts a week, hoping for extra work on the quirks.

Idle time is also grease monkey time, something every cyclist should do: 
  1. Cleaned and adjusted the cleats on the cycling shoes
  2. Changed a tube on the road bike
  3. Checked the MTB and cleaned it
Food transgressions So many festivities this week, so a lot of food transgressions.
  • A whole bunch of chocolate pralines (belgian, the good stuff) 
  • Several dinners with friends, ate after 9 PM
  • Ate a lot more than needed at breakfast and lunch.
Training and routine is desperately needed. Always good do keep tabs on extra food

What is next: Very early 30k in the morning, hopefully on the road bike. Tennis with my son, and if it starts raining, starting with the jogging. So many other things to do. #NeverGiveUp
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