The Weekly Snot #3

Snot - anyone doing endurance sports in the cold is very familiar with the annoyance of 'runny nose', and the great feeling of extra oxygen when you clear yout nose

The Weekly Snot - a weekly summary of annoyances and good things in my fitness routine.

Skopje - Morning view toward Sar Planina
 by Bozidar Spirovski
Better training session with a poor choice: This week was much better for cycling - did 3 rounds of 25km each. Pushed myself to do as much as possible in 3 days, while also doing 2 hours of tennis with my son. Got excellent weather, and welcomed the sunrise twice on a ride out. 

Getting creative with new routes on a training session can be very risky. I decided to use another cycling track which I have never ridden on before. And this time, it was a very bad choice - the track was full of broken glass and junk. I got two flats in a distance of 1 kilometres. I am disappointed at how bad the city maintains the cycling tracks except the one that is most frequently used.

I have two punctured tubes hanging to remind me to stay no the track I know, especially when I ride before going to work!

Half-Marahton Prep: Sadly, did nothing practical except cleaning my new sneaker. More running this week.

Idle time - The FitCitizen website is getting fixed and I did a whole lot of optimisation. Several functions still remain buggy, but now I need to go for content. 

Idle time is recipe time: 

Wrote and prepared recipe for hummus, and did a great cup of coffee. 
I am going for baba ghanoush recipe for the next weekend

What is next: Combining running and cycling this week. Getting ready for the half-marathon and pushing more long distance rides. #NeverGiveUp
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