The Weekly Snot #4

Snot - anyone doing endurance sports in the cold is very familiar with the annoyance of 'runny nose', and the great feeling of extra oxygen when you clear yout nose

The Weekly Snot - a weekly summary of annoyances and good things in my fitness routine.

Pushing more this week:
Despite all the challenges of the week, I managed to get in a good amount of training. Did two 25km road bike trainings and one 6.5km run. All as a prep for a weekend 80 kilometre ride.

Today I joined up with a group of cyclists to ride up to the Kozjak Dam hill - a total of 80 kilometres ride.
The perfect view towards Kozjak - had to stop,
even if it meant being dropped by the roadies

Waiting for the group
It's a well known track for me, but I ride it for the first time this season. The road bikers in the group made a break for it, and we made a good gap from the group. Naturally, it's not a race, so we rested a couple of times and waited for the group.

The road is a constant uphill with a progressively increasing gradient, so it wasn't an easy ride to Kozjak. My uphill ride needs a lot of improvement.

At the top, we did a group photo, which included an unexpected guest - a pop singer who was shooting a video there :)
Most of the group at Kozjak, with a pop singer guest in the photo :)
On the way down, the roadies went first again :). It was an uneventful ride down and back to the city, with the usual tiredness and musle pain in the last 20 kilometers.

This was the first harder ride of the season with issues in uphill and ride length, and I need two things to improve:

  1. Interval Training 
  2. Core muscles training

Eating too much
I let myself go this past week with sweets, chocolate and overeating. So far it doesn't show on the scales, but it won't be long before I see extra kilograms going up. So more attention to food from next week.

Idle time: Not too much of it, there is a flu bug going around so we needed to take care of sick people in our family.

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