Think like a Pro cyclist about what's important

There are hundreds of reasons to stop or postpone your exercise. Most are not that important.

Pro cyclists ignore so many things and keep going.

You may not reach a pro level, but use the pro's perspective about what's important and what's not:


  1. Falling off a bike  - Falling off a bike is unavoidable, just like death and taxes . If nothing is broken, check your bike, wash the scrapes and continue riding. If something is broken, do the same 6-8 weeks later. Just always wear a helmet
  2. Muscle Pain - Muscle pain is part of every sport. Don't let the fear of pain stop you from cycling. Accept it, train to be stronger and be able to keep in the aerobic zone. Jens Voigt had a clear message for the pain - "Shut up legs"
  3. Cycling Kit - Pros have great expensive kits, and a person looks nice on a bike with kit. But other than the practical value of moisture wicking and padding of the kit, a Pro has no regard for his/her kit. Focus on cycling, and build your kit piece by piece, as you need them. 
Tour de France 1906
Agence Rol , via Wikimedia Commons
  1. Improvement - Always strive to improve your speed, your stamina, your cadence, your technique. Add small extra challenges to your current level of cycling. Do not give up, do not postpone. It won't be easier, but you'll definitely get faster. 
  2. Achievement - Effort needs recognition. That doesn't mean that you'll have to race with the Pros. Set a challenge and achieve it - ride up a mountain, ride a very long distance, ride at very high speed. Even just improve your position on a Strava segment. 
  3. Respect - Respect the road and other riders. Remember that achievements do not equal respect. Be polite to everyone on the road. Greet cyclists, help people with mechanical trouble. Honor the cycling etiquette. Regardless your current level of fitness, price of bike and kit, respect will be given back. 
What are your important and unimportant items of cycling? Tell us in the comments!
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