Ohrid run

I love being in Ohrid. The air is crisp and nice, the lake is calm and relaxes. You can make the most of your experience in Ohrid by taking a walk or a slow run in the morning. I opted for a morning run of 10 kilometres.
The old town of Ohrid, on a very early morning
After two months without running, it had to be a slow run - more time to enjoy Ohrid in the morning. I ran to Hotel Park, then to St. Sofia and finished off by eating a famous Ohrid boiled bagel.

A lot of people took the same cue and were up and about at 7am on a Saturday. Even some of the beaches were filling up.

Not everything is nice in Ohrid these days. At Hotel Park I arrived at the backstage of a beach party that just ended, and it wasn't a pretty scene:

Puddle of crap behind the backstage at Hotel Park

The road was a puddle of fecal water, probably spilled from the portable toilets placed at the edge of the backstage fence. People were packing up trucks of sound equipment, but nobody cared about the spilled crap that stank to high heaven. Definitely not the way they should leave the place, but nobody seemed to care.
The leaking toilets near a beautiful lake
Ohrid is always fun to visit, with or without the beach parties. But Ohrid will be much nicer if everyone cleaned up after themselves, including the spilled crap.

Come to a nice ride, run and walk in Ohrid. And pick up the garbage behind you.
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