Goals and plans - 4 lessons to achieve your goals

This past year was my most successful year in cycling and overall fitness. My numbers are listed below, and I'm quite happy with them. I rode all the planned climbs, and as a bonus, I rode the climb of my dreams - Stelvio. 

Some things are priceless
The lessons that I learned in 2015, that apply to fitness as well as work

  1. Be consistent - you don't bang out huge efforts without training huge amount of time. So work on your effort regularly, even religiously. 
  2. Try, fail, repeat. Then crush it! - You'll fail the climb. You'll fail the speed test. Work more, then return to the climb and the speed. Eventually you won't reach it, you'll crush it!
  3. Challenge yourself - Put large challenges with deadlines in front of you. You are never too old, too unprepared to do them. Just work every day towards the challenge.
  4. Work with the stronger, faster, younger, better - you don't get faster riding with people who are slower. You may not be able to drop them, but you'll work to be almost as good as them. And that means you've made a huge improvement compared to everyone else. You get a lot of respect from everyone for not giving up. 

At 5 AM, 30 km into a 260 km ride

My 2015 year in fitness numbers: 

In order to challenge myself for 2016 , these are my New Year resolutions for 2016
You must suffer on the climb to reach this view 
  • Keep my weight below 75 kilograms
  • Cover at least 4500 km on a bicycle (logged by GPS) by New Year's day 2017
  • Cover at least 500 km running (logged by GPS)
  • Run a half-marathon in under 1hr 40 minutes
  • Ride and finish strong the Cima Coppi MK event (250km distance, 5km climbs)

I would be glad to read your New Year resolutions, please add them in the comments
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  1. Like you, I am very excited for 2016. I have met many of my goals for 2015. What I really want to do is what you suggest, translate the success that I have experienced on the bike to my career.
    I started my own blog about cycling this year. While I completed a lot of cycling this year and exceeded my expectations as far as weight, my goal is to experience that same success with my online business.
    We all create goals for ourselves. Some of us use a coach, or an app, or a community to help us achieve our goals. I've only recently discovered how to apply these same techniques to my professional life.
    On the bike, I am going to complete a century ride (160km) this year. I am going to start generating an income with my online business.
    My greatest goal for 2016 is to spend more time with my children. I have a final job interview next week that will ensure that I have a schedule that will be much more conducive to being present for my kids when they need me.
    2016 will be a powerful year!

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